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Missionary Cooperative Sunday

July 24/25
Under "Gift Direction," select "Missionary Cooperative Appeal."
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Summer 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, 


Due to uncertain COVID restrictions, especially for travel from other countries, Bishop Ronald W. Gainer has directed all parishes in the Diocese of Harrisburg to set aside a Missionary Cooperative Sunday in June, July, or August 2021 wherein parishioners will learn about a specific mission and their needs, and a second collection will be taken for those needs. St. John the Baptist Parish's Missionary Cooperative Sunday will be the weekend of July 24/25.


Around the world, those who are suffering need to experience the solidarity of other Christians in facing the pandemic and life’s harsh realities. As life slowly returns to “normal,” we continue to pray for one another and assist one another. 


This Christian solidarity and response to basic needs is at the heart of the Missionary Cooperative Program, which our diocese sponsors each summer. Welcoming a missionary priest to your parish and listening with an open heart to his story allows each of us to hear the voice of Jesus challenging us to care for the “least ones” among our brothers and sisters in mission lands. 


You will have the opportunity to bring the light of Jesus to those overwhelmed by shadows – to spread a contagion of hope to those who need to feel the powerful love of Jesus and His Church. 

Please be as generous as your present means allow and grant hope to the poor, to those living on the peripheries, to refugees, the homeless, and to those who need to hear the Gospel message and know the healing power of Christ’s love. 


Gratefully yours in Christ,


Reverend Robert F. Sharman 
Diocesan Director, Office of Pontifical Missions

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