Music Ministry

Give prayerful thought to joining one of our music ministries! Remember Psalm 98:

“Sing to the Lord a new song; for He has done marvelous things!”

St. John's Parish Adult Choir

Prepares a blend of traditional and current choral music for the liturgies, feasts, and holidays throughout the year.  This group meets weekly and sings most weekends at 9:00 AM Mass.

Contact: Nelle Bailey or through the Parish Office.

St. John’s Parish Children’s Choir

This group is for parish children Grades 3-6. Some exceptions are made for younger students. (This is a good group music activity for homeschoolers.) The Children’s Choir meets once a week after school to practice and sings once a month for a Sunday 9:00 AM Mass and one Christmas Eve and Easter Mass.

Contact: Nelle Bailey  or through the Parish Office.

St. John’s Parish Teen Choir

The Teen Choir was recently formed to provide the parish teens and young adults a liturgical ministry in which to serve with their unique talents, interests and abilities. They meet after the 11:00 Mass on Sundays to practice and they sing once a month at an 11:00 Mass.

Contact: Hermina Boyle  or through the Parish Office.

Daystar – St. John’s Worship Band

One of St. John’s first music ministries, Daystar prepares contemporary liturgical music for the 9 and 11:00 Masses on the first Sunday of the month during the year, October through June. They meet in the church building to practice once a week during evening hours.

Contact: Marjorie Berg through or through the Parish Office.