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Parish Operations

Audio Communications

Maintains the Dial-a-Mass, Dial-a-Prayer (1-717-227-2135), and Church Radio (WSJB - 87.9 FM) programs which sends all church services to the ill and home-bound parishioners of St. John's via telephone and radio.


Call the Parish Office to reserve a spot for Dial-a-Mass.


Tim Yashur

Audio Communications Ministry_Sound Syst

Video Livestreaming

If you are skilled in technology and want to help broadcast Sunday and special event Masses online, this ministry is for you!


Parish Office 717-235-2156

Video Camera


Assists in the important  task of laundering the church linens including altar cloths, purificators, vestments, etc. 

CONTACT: Parish Office 717-235-2156

Loading the Washing Machine

Prayerful Cleaners

The “Prayerful Cleaners” Cleaning Ministry is comprised of volunteers who quietly and prayerfully clean the church on a regular basis. Many tasks only need to be performed weekly, and others more frequently. The tasks are not time consuming, and most can be accomplished in less than one hour. 


As stated in the title, “prayer” is important. In this ministry, we pray for those listed in the book of the sick (or someone you know who needs prayers) as we are completing our task. Tasks are completed Monday through Friday, preferably in the morning depending on the situation.
CONTACT: Randy Mentzell – or call the Parish Office.

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Parish Maintenance

This ministry welcomes parishioners of all skill sets and trades to helps to maintain the parish buildings and grounds.

CONTACT: Parish Office 717-235-2156


Seasonal Decoration of the Church

This Ministry plans and implements the greenery, flower arrangements, and other decorations to highlight  various liturgical seasons.

CONTACT: Parish Office, 717-235-2156

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