Sacrament of Baptism

Baptisms are the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the Month 12:30 PM in the Main Church

The Parish Baptism Policy contains essential information regarding the required instruction workshop and requirements for sponsors.


Letters of recommendation for sponsors of the Sacraments can be issued only to active members of the Parish who are registered in the Parish and receiving the Sacraments. Arrangements must be made in advance by calling the Parish Office at 717-235-2156 .

Baptism Guidelines


You have put on Christ, in Him you have been baptized.

Baptism shapes us to become “new creatures in Christ.” Saint Paul reminds us that all of humanity fell victim to sin and death when the first Adam sinned in disobedience. But Jesus Christ is the new Adam in whom our humanity is refashioned by His obedient offering of love on the Cross. Through the ritual washing in the waters of Baptism, each baptized member of Christ has become a new creature in the new humanity of Christ. And, since the new Adam, Jesus Christ, is the eternal and only-begotten Son of God the Father, each baptized member of Christ also has become an adopted son or daughter of God the Father. The challenge of our Christian life is to live out fully each and every day our identity as members of the body of Christ, new creatures in Christ, adopted sons and daughters of the Father.

Formation Program 


The formation program is offered by appointment.  Contact the parish office for further information.  This program is required before we celebrate the baptism of your child, although if you have already participated in it before, here, at St. John's, it is not required.  

Feel free to bring the newborn, if that is necessary.



As role models to the child, godparents should be active, involved Catholics.  If they are from another parish, they will need a note or sponsor form from their pastor certifying that they are practicing Catholics.  Please share these resources (Parish Guildines for Choosing Godparents For The Sacrament of Infant Baptism) and the Baptismal Guidelines with them and also invite them to come to the formation program with you, especially if they live nearby.

The Parish Family of St. John the Baptist welcomes your child with great joy into the faith community of Jesus. Baptism is the fundamental and most important of the sacraments because through baptism we become adopted children of God and sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ.

The baptism of your child is the most important day in his or her spiritual life and we want to do all we can to make that a very special day.  The responsibility you are undertaking in asking the Church to baptize your child is a serious one and we are here to help assist and prepare you for that undertaking.
With this in mind, first-time parents are required to participate in Baptism preparation. Please call the Parish Office as soon as possible at 717-235-2156 to make arrangements.


It is customary to give a donation of your choice to the presiding priest or deacon.
If you have any questions about the idea of the preparation program, the options for baptism, godparents, special situations or any other related questions, please call the church office.  We look forward to working with you to build up your family and the parish family in faith.
As mentioned above, parents are to be examples to their children by being registered, active members of the Parish.  Parents are required to attend a Preparation Class.  Arrangements must be made two months in advance.  Please contact the Parish Office via email or phone 717-235-2156.


The Baptism Formation Team

To request more information:

Contact the Parish Office

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