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The St. John the Baptist Parish Cemetery includes Traditional, Premium, and Cremains plots.


Prices range from $500 for cremation space, and $800 to $3,000 for Traditional and Premium lots. We are pleased to now have available Columbarium Niches at $2,500 (for one urn). We are also able to offer Columbarium Benches.  Please inquire about pricing for these benches.  A 10% discount is given for all cemetery purchases if paid in full at time of purchase.  

For questions regarding the cemetery and complete pricing information, contact:

Kathy Scheibner, Cemetery Consultant

717-235-2156 Ext. 220



Artificial decorations and flowers are not permitted in the cemetery during grass cutting season (April 15 - November 15) except on Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Veteran's Day, All Saints/Souls Day, and shall be removed within 7 days after each special day mentioned herein. The digging of holes, for any purpose whatsoever, is strictly forbidden.


Anyone with cemetery plots here at St. John the Baptist, please remove all decorations prior to the grass cutting season. Vases that are a permanent part of the stone or affixed to the top may remain. Any flowers and decorations NOT removed will be removed after April 15th. 

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