Altar Servers

"Dear Altar Servers, When you take part in the Liturgy by carrying out your altar service, you offer a witness to all.  The Eucharist is the source and summit of the bond of friendship with Jesus. You are very close to Jesus in the Eucharist, and this is the most important sign of his friendship for each one of us. Do not forget it." 

-excerpt from Pope Benedict XVI, Address to Altar Servers



Points of Contact

Altar Server Scheduler: Anne Mayers  / 717-382-9080 /

Altar Server Trainer: Scott Snyder / 717-227-3829 /


Server Schedule

Altar Server Cover Letter: March 2020

Altar Server Schedule:  March 7 - June 7, 2020


Server Training Documents

Basic Server Training Documents for Main Church

Senior Server Training Documents for Main Church


Server Cue Cards 

Corporal Server Cue Card (3/11/20)

Missal Server Cue Card  (3/11/20)

Bell Server Cue Card   (3/11/20)

Thurifer Cue Card  (5/31/19)


Thurifer Training Documents

Thurifer Instructions at the Main Church (5/15/19)

Thurifer Cue Card (5/31/19)


Additional Server Training Documents

Historic Church Easter Mass WITHOUT Incense 2019 (4/18/19)

Historic Church Christmas Mass WITH Incense 2018 (12/12/18)


Server Training Video Links

How to Tie a Cincture Knot