Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

Mission Statement

To enrich the spirituality of St. John’s by having every person young and old experience the wonder of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament through Adoration.



Perpetual Adoration officially began on Sunday April 14, 1996 in the Historic Church.   At the time there was not yet a special place designated for exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.  Within a few months the gifts of time, talent and treasure, transformed a lower level area in the new church into a beautiful Chapel to adore Our Lord.  Hence, the opening and dedication of the Corpus Christi Chapel on June 23, 1996 with over 200 committed hourly adorers.  After just the first year, this devotion had grown to more than 300 permanent adorers, and people who made visits to the chapel numbered well over 3,000.


What is Perpetual Adoration?  

Perpetual Adoration is the total presence of Jesus among us in the most Blessed Sacrament, which is perpetually exposed 24 hours a day, seven days per week.  By one’s commitment to adoration, a person develops a Eucharistic spirituality, progressing from pious practice to true and genuine devotion.  Each parishioner is invited to make a quiet, personal holy hour of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament each week.  Pope John Paul II calls upon the people of God to make Jesus loved in the Blessed Sacrament and to make the Eucharist the very center of each parish through adoration.


Ways You Can Adore Our Lord


  • Adorer  A person of any faith covers one specific hour during a day or night of  the week, forming continuous adoration and devotion on behalf of the whole parish.

  • Prayer Partner  One who shares a specific hour with another permanent adorer, assuring that the particular hour is always covered.

  • Permanent Substitute  Someone that will consent to be available to a permanent adorer for a specific hour.  If the permanent adorer cannot make their hour, they call their permanent substitute first. 

  • Substitute  A person who will narrow down days and times they are available for adoration, from this information, a list is compiled for the use of the hourly coordinators and divisional leaders when all other options have been exhausted. 

  • Hourly Coordinator  Assist and support the adorers for a specific hour Sunday through Monday.  Relay information between adorers and Divisional Leaders.  Recruit and keep communications flowing between all involved. 

  • Division Leader  Responsible for the scheduling of their specific six hour segments of each day      ( Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night.)  Keep hours of Adoration filled with adorers.  Recruit and refer new individuals for the program, reporting these changes directly to the Administrators. 

  • Adoration Consultant  Experienced in the Devotion, providing guidance and leadership to the entire program.

  • Program Administrator  Accepts overall responsibility for the entire program to ensure that all aspects of the devotion are correctly observed according to Canon Law, reporting directly to the Pastor. 


Blessings Received


  • Increased Mass Attendance

  • Increase in Confessions

  • The return of “fallen-away” Catholics

  • Conversions to the faith

  • Marriages restored

  • Greater unity in the parish and in the community

  • True inner peace

  • Wondrous testimonies of faith


Our Adoration Goal

To have two permanent adorers for every hour in the chapel.  With your help and prayers we will surely obtain this. The Corpus Christi Chapel is located on the lower level at the back of the Main Church. (Entrance outside) If you would like more information or are interested in an hour of adoration please call one of the individuals listed below:



Anne-Marie Brizendine  717-968-8442  (call or text)

Elana Michenzi   717-487-8051 (call or text)




Let us be generous with our time in going to meet our beloved Jesus!

Please stop by for a visit today.